On the way to leadership

Napoleon BonaparteStrange, I am getting more and more the feeling that I am on the way to leadership. And the main reason is that in the back of my mind I often hear Napoleon Hill say “a leader must plan the work and work his plan”. And that is what I have been doing lately, also today. As today was a very strange day, as part of the day there was no electricity, kind of unexpected and longer than I thought. But I also knew I was going to finish the things on my to do list, the things I planned, and I was going to write my posts, no matter what. Although of course if the electricity wouldn’t have come back I might have decided not to finish my list, my plan.

And no, I’m not happy. As my dream, the thing I stated as my definite purpose, has not become reality yet. It somehow even feels further away than the last year or so. But I feel much stronger, much more self confident, self confidence I never felt before like this. And yes, knowing what I want, having decided what I want in life and having written that down makes life easier. As I don’t have to think anymore about what I want. As it won’t change. And somehow, no matter whether I feel closer to it or further away, that makes life much easier.

And of course I have doubts, of course I doubt. I’m still human. But whenever I doubt, I ask myself something like what else I would want. Or whether I am still willing to give what I stated in my desire document. And until now the answer has always been, no, I don’t want anything else. This is what I want. And yes, I am still willing to give what I stated I wanted to give.

And no, it’s not easy. As my desire, the thing that I want, is very, very big. And still kind of impossible. But those questions, and the answers, the answers written in my desire document, still keep me going, give me peace, give me strength.

And I started this post with something like becoming a leader. And recently I really feel like becoming a leader. As e.g. I notice how few leaders there really are. And how much leadership is needed, how many people need a leader. And I feel humble, scared sometimes. As I never had a good leader to follow, except maybe Napoleon Hill. So I guess I follow him, his ideas, the ideas he wrote down, the ideas that he states are the combination of the ideas of many leaders, many successful people.

So yes, maybe I am becoming a good follower also, meaning I may also become a good leader.

Thank you Lord!

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