My list

I just decided to make a list with all the things I have in my mind I want to do, or feel like I ‘have to‘ do.

And I won’t call it a to-do list, as something like that doesn’t seem to work for me; at least it didn’t work in the past.

So here is my list right now:

  • do some banking things (actually doing that right now, finished);
  • transfer dollars to my local account (delayed by choice);
  • pay 10 months interest;
  • call my mom (done);
  • make a personal contract with a previous client (deal done);
  • install a stable Ceph system here in the house/office;
  • fix a problem with my new computer (fixed);
  • reinstall the network in the office below (basically done);
  • install Lubuntu on the old laptop (done);
  • check/update my local development environment for this site (update plugins done);
  • check/reinstall my apache server (done);
  • add thumbnail feature for this site (done);
  • add James Bond torrents to my James Bond page (have been working on that).
  • import the sites Visayas Hotels and Luzon Hotels in (done);
  • buy a new door handle for the helpers room;
  • buy new shoes (done);
  • put the new features of the members part of DoctorsConnect online (working on it);
  • finish fixing the speakers (done);
  • improve the design of this site;
  • request BIR form (done);
  • yearly report immigration (done);
  • transfer money to my PHP account (done);
  • update my DoctorsConnect investor’s pitch;
  • finish the overview page of my trip in 2016;
  • cancel and pay the P.O.-box (postponed by choice);
  • handle my internet banking issue (done);
  • buy one or more new shorts (one short was bought for me);
  • send letter to DWS (done, have to do again);
  • deal with the tumor of Arf (if needed);
  • fix the lights in the kitchen (done by Lee);
  • write letter to Samsung regarding the refrigerator.

Good to see the list is not growing so fast anymore as when I just started it.

And I feel the need to make a new list or something, as right now, September 4, 2017, I am not sure what to do. Things in my mind are:

  • install smaller additional hard disk on my second web server, the one that is supposed to run DoctorsConnect;
  • fix the Android issue with screen width with this site;
  • make progress with Arf and YokYok being together;
  • work on DoctorsConnect, but that is too vague to put on this list;
  • finalize agreement related to money I owe;
  • improve backup script;
  • set up VPN connection through;