Goals for this website


The goal for this website, for the project Inspiration for Success is very simple:

Inspire People, Inspire You!

And it started more as a success site and we still want to people or inspire you for success, but over time inspiration became the main goal.

See also about Inspiration for Success.

Not yet inspiring?

The site may not look or be inspiring for you as of the moment yet, but we’re working very hard to make it as we want it to be.

And there is a story behind the ‘why the site is as it is right now’ and it’s also exactly the reason why the site is there: the initiator found himself not inspired and not successful and was looking for a way or ways to fulfill that need with himself.

Just started

And then he realized that other people in the same situation might need inspiration too. So that’s how Inspiration for Success was born and as it’s still in its early infant state it’s not as inspiring and complete and nice and whatever you would expect from a site like this.

It’s there

But it’s there and it will grow and become mature and we want it to become the best site to inspire people on the internet.

Updated by Guus on July 5, 2013.

One thought on “Goals for this website

  1. John fleet

    I was looking for James bond movies and came across this site looks really good I was wondering if you have a movie list I can’t find it can you please email me and let me know


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