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It has been a long time I have been writing here and I know a lot more about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency than when I started (and ended) writing about it here in this site.

It seems we have a new all time high in Euro this week and also about right now, March 5, 2024, namely EUR 61,500.00 in the last hour.

And we also have an all time high for US dollar now, USD 70,000.00 a few days ago (now is March 10, 2024). When I started this page I didn’t know about the cycles, now I do. So my reporting will be different. Enjoy the ride if you know what I am talking about.

Living in The Philippines my focus is now much more on the US dollar than on the Euro, but the last few days I heard several times that in several currencies Bitcoin has reached an all time high, including the Euro. Actually I was a bit shocked by that, as I consider the Euro and the USD about the same in relation to all time highs for Bitcoin, but of course I also know from before that this is not always the case.

Will keep you updated.

New all time high November 2021

We have new All Time Highs for Bitcoin today, November 10, 2021: USD 68,991.00 and EUR 59,686.70, higher than the last All Time High a few days ago: USD 68,495.00 and EUR 59102.50.

All values from the Kraken trading platform. Other platforms may have higher values, but the market is pretty liquid, so differences will be very small.

It was already close the last few days, but didn’t manage to pass the previous All Time Hights of October 20, 2021: USD 66,982.20. And the new EUR record is EUR 57,459.70.

And I started writing more about cryptocurrency again on my page Cryptocurrency and related pages as I am starting to believe cryptocurrency may have a bigger impact on worldwide money transfer than I initially thought. At least I am using it now to move some funds around, as I had some pretty bad experiences with banks doing that, charging me up to 15%(???!!!) in cost for a simple international transfer.

Previous high (EUR) and previous high (USD) in April 2021

It is Wednesday April 14, 2021 and we have new highs for Bitcoin in USD as well as in EUR. Highest price in USD was 64,900.00 and in EUR 54,180.00, both according to https://kraken.com, And still going up it seems.

Latest highs in March and April 2021

And on Monday, April 12, 2021, Bitcoin reached another new high, in Euro. Highest right now is EUR 51,443.00 for one Bitcoin and not stable (yet). Previous highest value was EUR 51,000.00 on March 31, 2021. Highest value in USD today is USD 61,000.00. Highest USD value ever was USD 61,724.60 on March 14, 2021.

Before today the most recent highest values were USD 59,800.00 and EUR 51,000.00 for one Bitcoin.

The trend seems to be somehow kind of stable in the region EUR 44,000.00 to EUR 51,000.00 and not really up as I stated before.

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More recent highest prices

Bitcoin (BTC) logoI was just looking for the highest price of Bitcoin ever, and it appears search engines can’t easily produce this answers, as I didn’t get any straight answer. So maybe try to make this post about that? And of course I am trying to become successful with this page.

Previous highest values were USD 58,339.00 or EUR 48,000.00 on February 22, 2021 and USD 61,724.60 and EUR 50,744.00 on March 14, 2021.

As of today it seems to be EUR 34,140.00 on January 8, 2021, as this is what I can see in the chart on https://kraken.com, the trading platform I mostly use, but I am not fully sure. Right now it is EUR 33,217.00, which is a more recent high. And still going up it seems, as while writing I see EUR 33,300.00.

And yes, I am Dutch, so I am still thinking mostly in Euro, not in USD, but I will add those values also later.

The 2017 peak

According to Investopedia, the highest price of Bitcoin in the 2017 peak was USD 20,089.00.

I am still searching for the data and I realize it is not easy to get the real highest price, as I presume those things are kept by exchanges. I found a site with downloadable data, Cryptodatadownload, and the highest price on Bittrex in USD seems to be USD 19,850.00 on December 12, 2017. Strangely enough the highest prices in EUR seem to have been higher. I found EUR 21,799.00 on Bitbay on December 20, 2017 and EUR 16,457.00 on Bitstamp on December 17, 2017.

Will investigate further.

Interesting links

So it seems I moved my attention from Electroneum to Bitcoin, as Electroneum seems to be dead for now and Bitcoin is (still) thriving. So maybe write a bit more about Bitcoin and provide some more information about it.

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