Strange, this God of the Bible

I don’t think what I am going to write here falls in the category ‘inspirational’, but I think it is very important to set some things right, as I think I have been writing quite some times about ‘God‘ in this site. As I kind of believed in this ‘God‘, this ‘God‘ from the Bible. And right now I don’t anymore, as I found many strange things related to this ‘God‘ that I mainly know from how I was brought up. And this ‘God‘ is still deeply ingrained in my thinking, so even though I don’t believe in this ‘God‘ anymore, it is still part of my being, of my thinking, next to that it of course kind of defines the Western culture, that I believe is mainly based on the ideas from the Christian Bible.

I think my first real understanding about what is behind the christian belief started by listening to talks of Bart Ehrman, especially when he explains what ‘horizontal reading’ of the four gospels in the New Testament reveals: that there are things that are undeniable wrong.

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