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This website is intended to inspire people to achieve success. Please note that our only goal is to inspire you, nothing more, nothing less and that your success is very personal and only yours.

For now this site is run by volunteers who are sharing their experiences and summarize things found through research about inspiration and success. Please note that we don’t intend to replace any professional help when you have severe problems in whatever area.


This site started as a kind of personal blog where Guus wanted to share his journey to success and wanted to inspire and coach other people on their way to success. As he considers money a part of being successful there are features in this site to make money for various reasons, including compensating the team members for their work and effort.

So this website has a monetary purpose for its stakeholders as well as the purpose like helping people achieving success through inspiring them.


We are following the site closely with Google Analytics and will probably try to rank it up in Google.


Legally this site is owned by Guus Ellenkamp. This site has also nothing to do with the company Inspiration For Success that has the website http://www.inspirationforsuccess.com.

Some pictures are taken from www.flickr.com, www.pixelio.de and www.fotolia.com.

Domain and name

We decided on the domain name without having the option to check whether it was in use or not. At the same time I decided to use the name with the dashes if the name inspirationforsuccess.com would have already been taken, which was quite likely of course. As in the end this is supposed to be a commercial blog I decided not to use the domain inspirationforsuccess.org or otherwise.

We considered inspirationtosuccess.com, but that name did not feel good to Guus. As we believe it is often, or even always, important to follow feelings in decisions we chose to disregard the mix up with the company with the same name. The name may even be beneficial for the both of us.

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