Your goal

So what is the success you are looking for?

We are building this site for you, to inspire you to achieve your goal and dreams.

So we think the first thing you need to answer, at least for life goal type things, what your biggest dream is. Maybe you know it already or maybe you don’t. If you don’t, then just let it come, let it grow, let it mature. If you do, go to the next step and write down or print in large font on a piece of paper:

My biggest dream in life is…

Then, for now, just look at it, see it, feel it. Check if this is really what you want.

Most important in life

You must know if this is really what you want. If it doesn’t feel right or something, just wait for now, put it under your pillow or put it in a visible place if you’re alone, if no one else can see it.

I guess this should be the first step, before the steps and everything else from e.g. the ideas of Napoleon Hill, who’s book is the inspiration for achieving my definite purpose.

More excercises

You can find more exercies on the page exercises.

And we just started our self help program with I am good enough.

Daily quote

This site started from Guus’ personal need for inspiration from ‘elsewhere’, preferably other people, but as he believe(d?!) inspiration needs to be given he came up with trying to inspire other people through this site. He thought that an inspirational daily quote in peoples e-mail might help, so he started sending a daily inspiration e-mail to people who might be looking for inspiration. And who isn’t?

For now we don’t have the technical means to automate registration for this e-mail, but if you want an inspiring quote from me daily just sign up by entering your e-mail address in the text box on the right top of this page. Of course you can stop receiving these e-mails any time.

What’s next

We did not plan a next step yet for something like daily or weekly inspirational e-mails, but this will soon be done. And going back to definite purpose, let’s set a date; June 30, 2013.

Old stuff

Well, I, Guus, still tend building things ‘on the fly’, so below some old text from this page. Not sure if and where it fits, so we’ll figure that out later.

I guess it is time to start with that part. I started writing about, well me, my process, why I am building this site, the process of building the site, or whatever. But that part is in a stage now I am kind of satisfied with. Yeah, maybe I just wanted you to know who I am, what I stand for, where I come from and such.

Please note that goal as mentioned above could be anything from definite purpose, dream, life dream, goal in life to ‘just some goal’, although the process I am describing I guess is mainly about life goal type things.

Created by Guus on April 16, 2013. Revised on May 30, 2013 and December 6, 2013.

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