Principles of success

The basic principles of success

The basic principles of success are (from Think and Grow Rich):

  1. Desire.
  2. Faith.
  3. Autosuggestion.
  4. (The application of) specialized knowledge.
  5. Imagination.
  6. Organized Planning
  7. Decision.
  8. Persistence.
  9. Master Mind.
  10. Sex Transmutation.
  11. The Subconscious Mind.
  12. The Brain.
  13. The Sixth Sense.
  14. Overcome indecision, doubt and fear.

And I just realized there may be a reason for the order of these principles in the book Think and Grow Rich. Everything indeed seems to start with desire for example, maybe next is faith indeed.

If found another list in a book of Will Edwards (7 keys to success):

  1. Commitment.
  2. An Open Mind.
  3. Persistence.
  4. Flexibility.
  5. Faith.
  6. Thankfulness.
  7. Passion.

Recently I found another page with principles of success, or maybe more about how to be happy on the site of James Altucher:

  1. Physical, being in shape:
    1. Wake up by 4-5am every day.
    2. Go to sleep by 8:30-9. (Good to sleep 8 hours a night!)
    3. No eating after 5:30pm. Can’t be happy if indigested at night.
  2. Emotional: if someone is a drag on you, cut them out. If someone lifts you up, bring them closer.
  3. Mental: write down ideas. Write down so many ideas that it hurts your head to come up with one more. Then try to write down five more.
  4. Spiritual:
    1. Pray.
    2. Meditate.
    3. Be grateful.
    4. Forgive.
    5. Study.

Find more on How to be lucky.

And I just realized there is another one, even though it is e.g. implicitly included in the Principles of Success: focus.

Am currently working on remarks on the principles of success.


I made an article about a sample application of the principles of success: sample application of the principles of success of Napoleon Hill.

Desire exercise

I have an exercise in mind and want to make some supporting document for it, but as long as I don’t have the document you could still do the exercise on just a piece of paper or a document you create yourself.

The exercise is to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 on each of the principles or subjects mentioned above. This will tell you what you should probably work most on on your road to success and/or achieving your main goal or main desire.

Please find my sample below after feeling defeated with my Master Mind Group meeting on June 2, 2013. Was planning this for a long time. The idea behind is that low scores give indication what to work on and highs scores or improving scores are motivational.

Score on Principles of success

Find below my score on the Principles of Success:

Principle Score June 2, 2013 (Guus) Score October 22, 2017 (Guus) Remarks
 Desire / passion  5  1 Out of focus, too many goals (2013). Completely lost all or most of my desire in 2017.
 Faith  6  1 Goes up and down (2013). Completely lost faith in 2017.
 Autosuggestion  5  2 Limited discipline in reading statements (2013). Don’t do much in this area in 2017.
Application of specialized knowledge  8  5 Using a lot of my consultancy experience, web development skills and Internet Marketing skills (2013). Don’t feel like doing much lately (2017).
 Imagination  8  5  Have quite some ideas for solutions to get to the goal (2013). Not much imagination left in 2017.
 Organized planning  5 5  Could formalize and analyze better and more (2013). Not much changed in 2017 I think.
 Decision  7  6  Learning, learned a lot, start small. (2013). Did not improve (2017).
 Persistence  7  8  Maybe too stubborn (2013). I guess I am (still) very persistent and a little less stubborn.
 Master Mind  5  4  Learning (2013). Still not able to build a team (2017).
Sex transmutation  4 4  Too much focus on sexual needs, too emotional (2013). No change/improvement I guess in 2017.
Subconscious mind  8  5  Lately following hunches seem to give very good results (2013). Have been doing an awful lot of spiritual work lately, but no progress with influencing my subconscious mind, no results (2017).
The brain / thought control  4  6 Have trouble controlling my thoughts, changing from negative thinking to positive thinking (2013). I am much more ‘aware’ recently, especially thanks to the Coda program (2017).
Overcoming doubt  6  6  Learning (2013). Nothing much changed I think (2017).
Overcoming indecision  7  6  Learning, see decision above (2013). Fell back a bit I think (2017).
Overcoming fear  5 7 Still often feel controlled by fear, stop taking action, although from my perfectionism; I also should stop taking too much action as I lose people that way (2013). I don’t have a clear feeling with this subject, but I think I improved somehow (2017).
Commitment  7  5  Maybe too stubborn sometimes (2013). I don’t feel much commitment anymore in various areas that are important for me (2017).
Open mind  5  8  Learning, listening to others, let others be themselves, impose less (2013). I think I am much more open to others, to the world outside of me (2017).
Flexibility  4  6  Guess still too stubborn, wanting everything my way (2016). i think I have somehow become more flexible, even though I can’t really put the finger on how or what (2017).
Thankfulness  4  7  Learning. I keep track of my blessings on the page gratitude, but often have to search forcefully to find things to be grateful for (2013). I think I have learned to say ‘thank you’ much, much more (2017).


Interesting. I found “Updated by Guus on November 23, 2013″ when checking this page on October 22, 2017 related to the installation of the SSL protocol on this website. Amazing that I started more than four years ago and even more amazing that I never updated this page anymore. Useful things here and very interesting to update my score above I guess on the various Principles of Success.

And amazing how much the site has grown, with many, many pages on all kinds of subjects and keywords.

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