Inspiring words

 You can do it!


Yes, you can do it!

Just continue and you will get there!



Be happy

Found this in Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting: The Power of Positive Feelings from Lynn Grabhorn. Really inspiring::

Now here’s the big news: you don’t have to be worthy of a blasted thing to have your desires. You don’t have to prove, or witness, or demonstrate, or pass a moral test. You don’t have to explain your reasons, or make excuses to your familiy, to yourself, or to God. You don’t have to be any more worthy, or deserving, or trustworthy, or upstanding than you are now.

You only have to make one decision… just one… and that is to be happy.


I am conscious:

What is inspiring me is the fact that “I am Conscious”, and that only Conscious knows that it is Conscious,
The first attribute of myself, and from that everything else just flows.
As conscious becomes more conscious of what conscious is, there is more wonder freedom peace and understanding of life.
When I inquire into what is conscious I feel Pure Free and forever and know that everyone is the same,
So success for me is imparting this Knowledge to others so they also could celebrate.


Just found this site: daily prayers.

With the prayers in the image on the right. You can click to enlarge.

Daily prayers

List of reminders how to live

I, Guus, found this inspiring from a list someone sent to me:

  • There are people in this world that would die for me.
  • There are people in this world I would die for.
  • People are not mind readers.  I must never hesitate to tell someone how I feel.
  • I will treat everyone with the same level of respect I would give to my grandfather and the same level of patience I would have with my baby brother.
  • I will celebrate my successes.  I deserve it.
  • My attitude can change my reality.
  • I will never complain about a problem.  I will supply a solution instead.
  • I will stand firm by my values without senselessly promoting them.
  • I will always strive to be the best I can be, but I will never try to be someone I’m not.
  • If I don’t finish what I start, my success rate will always be zero.

You can find the whole list on Sunday evening meditations on life.

And more

I found this and i like it a lot. This is what this site is all about:

Without inspiration the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks. – Johann Gottfried Von Herder

And this:

If you really want self-esteem and self-confidence, you absolutely have to, without any doubt believe everything about yourself. You need to believe in yourself and have total trust that you what you are, what you think and feel are all real. – on a page of Alden Tan

Also found this and hope I can be a good teacher through this site: a course in miracles.

Encountered this before and found this inspiring text:

“That’s when you get to see God again,” Cesar tells Jeff, “and, you know, he says, ‘this is not your time, buddy… I have a big mission for you.’ Things happen for a reason.”

There are many inspiring texts on the internet. Maybe the one I like most is Desiderata. A link to the text is text of Desiderata and a link to what Wikipedia says is Desiderata on Wikipedia.

And I realized today that I am still often driven by anxiety or fear, which I believe is a very bad motivator. Better be driven by desire or excitement. I once found a nice page about converting anxiety to excitement. Maybe something for you to read if you feel scared or anxious.

Just got this and it’s all the same story about something like purpose, desire and persistence: 7 keys to success.

And an interesting article about what inspiration is: What is Inspiration. Among other things it gives some suggestions about what you can do if you are looking to be inspired.

Basically it’s the same all over again I guess as it’s all about the principles of success. Will try to compress some of the information there so it’s better accessible.

Just found this page on Interesting stuff to get going again when you feel stuck. And related quotes for when you feel stuck.

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