In my quest for success, to (also) earn money, have money, I decided to start to work the SFI affiliate marketing program in December 2016. And, as it seems with any ‘business’, until now it has been a pretty rough road with investing time and money and no real monetary returns. Or actually the road was not rough, it just takes much, much more time towards earning than I could have ever imagined. But I know I will earn, will be successful in the end, as that is how these programs are designed. If I just persist in the end it will just pay off. And I learned a lot from it, like the system with ranks and badges somehow makes me, makes one feel good. And I do see progress in many areas, just not in ‘money’. But yes, the progress I made is a certain road to making money, at least that is what I believe, what I also see, as my down line grows continuously. So in the end I will just earn from the ‘matching Versa Points’, even if I don’t manage to do the real affiliate marketing, the real selling in TripleClicks. And that I think is the beauty of the program, that there are different ways to succeed, different ways to earn.

Anyhow, this is my affliate link to SFI: sign up for SFI internet network marketing. If you want to try, please do, please sign up. Ah, yes, I also learned about sponsoring, supporting people, and you can be sure I will be there for you if you want to try. Just know you will only succeed if you are persistent and work every day.

And until quite a while ago I decided to not really include affiliate links and such in this site, although there are a few, but this one is different as I thought I might as well do some network marketing stuff as I want to become really rich. And I don’t like these type of things so much, but I do know it works, that network companies do have a proven concept with which you can earn money. And yes, they are somehow built on the Principles of Success.

And there is a lot of the stuff on TripleClicks, so you may want to check TripleClicks.

And yes, why wouldn’t I put these links, this opportunity in this site, and indeed, earn from it. As I am sure this site is visited by people looking for success, probably also success in money, in wealth, so TripleClicks might just be an opportunity for them, for you.