The Twelve Steps for Kids

The Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous – A Kids View
(found on Overeaters)

STEP 1: We told ourselves that we didn’t eat like other boys and girls and that we could not stop eating when we wanted. We felt different.

STEP 2: We thought that God could help us stop thinking about food so much.

STEP 3: We decided to stop worrying about food and let God help us with our problems. (Some people use the words Higher Power instead of God).

STEP 4: We wrote down everything we ever did that bothered us.

STEP 5: We read our list to God (Higher Power), then to a person who cares about us.

STEP 6: We felt ready for God to take away the sad or upsetting things we do.

STEP 7: We honestly asked our Higher Power to take away the sad or upsetting things we do.

STEP 8: We wrote down the names of people we had hurt and felt ready to say we were sorry.

STEP 9: We told these people that we were sorry, unless it would hurt them or others. We tried to make up for what we had done.

STEP 10: Every day we thought about how we acted and how we could improve.

STEP 11: We asked God what to do and for help to do it.

STEP 12: Because it had helped us, we told people about OA and the twelve steps when they asked. We kept using the steps everyday.