What is belief

Belief is one of the most powerful things that exist. Maybe it is even the most powerful thing that exists. And probably it is even that what defines us.

Belief often limits us

We encountered a website about changing a belief, changing a blocking belief. One of the most common seems to be the belief ‘I am not good enough’, which of course is not true, as you just are who you are.

Ah, and while writing I realize that the last few days I was thinking about writing down my own negative or limiting beliefs. I did that a while ago and then wrote another positive belief next to it. Then I started reading and reading aloud the statements about the positive beliefs, and indeed that changed my mindset. Somehow I stopped with it, as I am also starting to realize that you cannot do everything. There is just a limit in the number of things you can do, which is very hard for me, as I have a lot of energy and a lot of ideas I want to implement.

Ask yourself

And while writing and looking at the previous paragraph, look how many beliefs there are there that may or may not be true, for example ‘there is just a limit in the number of things you can do’. That’s limiting, isn’t it? I could as well state or believe ‘the number of things I can do is endless’.

So what I want you to do on your way to success is to write down your beliefs and if they are negative or limiting, rewrite them into a positive statement. Then start reading them aloud once or twice a day. You will be amazed with the effect.

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