BitcoinI have been studying and using cryptocurrency for quite a while now, and I am starting to understand what it is all about. And very recently I was starting to realize that banks might even become obsolete, as movement of money can be done without banks now, using cryptocurrency.

And recently I started laughing about central banks wanting to issue their own digital currency. But they may be too late, as virtual US dollars already exist in the form of USDT and USDC. So no need for anything but those currencies to do online payments.

One of the reasons to start writing here again is that I have been confronted recently with very annoying KYC procedures, where I got scared that one of the cryptocurrency platforms I am using threatened to block my funds, or actually did. I am not fully sure of the last, but I moved a significant part of my funds out of there.

So yes,, I am getting more interested in offline wallets and just installed the Exodus wallet, which seems to work fine. I got just confronted with the Ethereum ‘gas’ thing, something I didn’t encounter before.

So well, maybe time to start writing here again, where I didn’t know what to write here for quite a while due to personal circumstances. And yes, I was fully wrong with supporting Electroneum, as Electroneum seems to be basically a ‘central bank’ kind of currency, fully controlled by Electroneum Ltd. Not good I think, as crypto and blockchain are about things NOT being controlled by a central agency (or company).

More later, but just wanted to make a new start here, mainly to promote my Kraken link, as I didn’t earn from that yet, and this site is still supposed to give me some financial success.

Ah, and I just added a page about cryptocurrency exchanges.

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