Discipline seems to be one of the factors to achieve success, at least if you are trying to achieve success from hard work, if you believe in ‘do the work and it will be ok’.

If discipline is a major weakness of you you may want to start with some very little thing like making your bed every day. I, Guus, considered myself very weak on discipline and started with that exercise and that helped me a lot to be more disciplined. Since I started with that, almost a year ago, I can’t remember one day missing making the bed, even though recently I did it in the evening, but I still did it.

And I did stop fixing the bed every day. And I did stop saving one peso or whatever every day. It seems there are forces that can destroy even the best intentions and the best habits.

And I am still thinking about making the bed every day as I did before, but my life is so much in ruins, including my bed not being as I want it to, that it feels like being impossible to do things like fixing the bed, creating good habits again.

And I still don’t know the exact reason, the exact thing that is still destroying me. Could be depression, my codependent habits, but the main thing I think is the lack of sexual intimacy, closeness, and yes, lack of sex.

So no, not a really inspiring page right now. I guess for that you need to look elsewhere for now.

Although on second thought, I still do my daily tasks in SFI, yes, every day, counting to almost 600 days now. And I take care of my dogs, make sure they eat every day and get medical care if needed, yes within my budget limits, so not perfect, but I do care.

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