Enemies of success

Major enemies of success

Normally I try to avoid negative words, but I guess some things have to be mentioned. Napoleon Hill considers the following three negatives for success:

  • Indecision.
  • Doubt.
  • Fear.

He states that before we can master an enemy we need to know its name, its habits and its place of abode.

What I notice with myself is that my fear or anxiety often blocks me, paraly\zes me and of course when blocked or paralyzed it is hard to move towards success, so i certainly agree that fear is a very big enemy of achieving success.


What I also notice is that when I lose faith it is also very hard to take action and of course in the end only action we take will lead us to success, although in my case I found I need to learn to be patient, but patience means ‘active waiting’, not ‘stopping’.

I’m still not sure how to deal with ‘indecision’ as i am very impulsive and often act too fast, but I agree that making decisions is important as decisions often also make us move.


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