Εν θεός

The idea for this page, or just the start of this page came from reading a chapter in the book Your Best Life Now from Joel Osteen. And it struck me that the word word enthusiasm is derived from the Greek εν Θεός or ‘en theos’, in God. And that this means something like inspired by God. So the word enthusiasm is directly related to this site and to the project Inspiration for Success.

And the chapter in the book starts something like living your best life now means that you should be enthusiastic and excited about the life that you have been given, for the live you are living. And it also starts that probably most of us, like me, somehow have lost their enthusiasm for life, their enthusiasm to live, to live life. As most of just don’t really live life, but often are just on auto-pilot or maybe even just ‘try to survive’.

And most of us, or maybe even all of us, probably started life full of enthusiasm, full of energy, full of dreams, full of life. But somehow most of us, including or maybe especially me, ‘lost it’, lost it somewhere on the way, probably most due to circumstances we couldn’t control or wrong choices we didn’t know were wrong at the time. Or we just got lost in the routine.

What if you are too much down

I was complaining to a friend of mine I didn’t have or see anything to look forward to. And I asked him if he recognized that. And what to do in such a case. And he came with a very simple solution:

“Well, one thing you could do is to bang your head against a wall until you start bleeding, then you will see that you will be enthusiastic for anything that will allow you to stop doing that.” – Angelo Gibertoni

And I know that type of thing doesn’t really help or is a solution, but yes, indeed, it made me laugh.

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