From inspiration to product

As stated in my first blog post about my trip end 2016 I am full of inspiration to write about the trip I am making, or in future terms, have made, but I don’t or didn’t really have the means to do so as I want it.

But as I think Naoleon Hill already stated, better tools will be found along the way. And I never really believed or experienced that, but right now I do, as I started using the notepad on my smartphone which allows only 1,000 characters per note, to downloading a word processing app that I did not use, to just using WordPress straight away as my

phone just has a browser and I have WiFi in my room now. And even without the WiFi I may still be able to write, as WordPress has features for offline writing.

Ah, and I realized I could, wanted to write for my readers, or anyone traveling The Philipines being confronted with lack of ferry and bus schedules and routes. And yes, I think this time I will just add affiliate links and commercial information, as it is or can be useful to just point people, point you to Agoda e.g.

November 29, 2016

Not easy to keep writing, blogging, when on a trip with a small Android device. And right now I am in an internet cafe, but it is pretty late already, so I can’t write or organize so much. But I want to keep writing, so I guess I’ll have to find a way.

To be continued…

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