Wow, amazing what I find here when opening this page because I wanted to add something:

Yes, habit. Something often used by Napoleon Hill and by other ‘self help gurus’. So I guess we need a page for that.

Habits seem to make us what we are, who we are and where we are heading. So bad habits will bring us failure and misery, good habits will bring us success and happiness.

As when I made this page I was completely estranged from the idea of habit, so I didn’t know what to write about it. And right now I believe I am pretty good at it, if not only because I believe I made quite some links to this page from my daily posts recently.

And I just wanted to add a link here to the site of who I think is the habit expert: Leo Babauta. So yes, I will write here myself more soon as you may want to hear how the person who was one of the worst people in the world related to habits, or at least good habits, to one who has developed some pretty healthy habits in a relatively short time.

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