I arrived home last Wednesday from a wonderful trip. And decided I would take a few more days holiday, as I felt very tired. Maybe strange to feel tired after a holiday type trip, but I traveled so much and experienced so many things that it is kind of logical.

And it is amazing that suddenly, being home, next to feeling tired, I also feel very down, as my life here is not as I want it to be. And I don’t know how to change it.

And I am trying to figure out how I can achieve the same mindset as I had during my trip, as I believe it is all in the mind how I feel now and how I felt on my trip.

And also this post I don’t want to finish now, as it is very late, but I just wanted to write, as I did not write here for so long and I also want to keep you updated, even though I have no clue if I already have some readers checking this site, my blog, regularly.

So yes, time to sleep, and time to prepare for work tomorrow, even though I don’t know what that work would be, as I feel completely lost with work and everything here, everything they call ‘reality’. And yes, I know my trip was also reality, so somehow my thinking needs change, if I want to change things, if I want to feel better.

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