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Yes, money, money seems to be the thing that makes the world move, make things move. And still it is not. People make the world move, make things move. And people have their dreams and wants and needs besides their things they want to do. And people have things they want to do, most people want to do something useful. And in general they want to do something for someone else also. Or someone just likes what someone else does.

So we invented money to exchange the services of different people. And that’s a very good thing, because then person 1 can do something for person 2 en person 2 can do something for person 3 and person 99 can do something for person 100 and person 999,999 can do something for person 1,000,000.

So yes, money in itself is a very useful commodity. However, something went wrong somewhere, as money became the goal, not the means. And somehow somewhere most people decided they don’t have enough. So somewhere along the way we started doing things we didn’t like because we wanted more money. So somewhere along the way we forgot that we only need money to acquire services of other people indirectly.


Please keep in mind in the end and related to all things money can buy, they are services of people being given to other people and the lifespan of all those services are very limited, even though it often appears it’s not, like when buying a TV or a house.

But even a TV lasts something like ten years and a house maybe thirty if you don’t maintain it. And to maintain it again services of other people are needed if you are not in the house building industry. And your TV may need maintenance after five years or so. And your TV certainly needs almost daily new programs to show. And your house needs to be cleaned and virtually any household depends on electricity, even in poor countries.

So money represents a flow of services from people to people, from one person to the other. And these services are given and received within a limited, very limited lifetime. In the end for most services it is about person to person service within a time span of minutes or seconds. And if you don’t see that right now please ponder it a bit and after a while I’m quite sure, or at least I hope, that you understand what I mean.

Inspiration for Success and money

Part of the background of Inspiration for Success is money, or actually lack of money of the initiator of the site. And it still is as of the moment of writing as in order to make progress with the project services of people, many services of many people are needed. And the easiest way to make people service other people through our project would be money. But money, especially related to a project like this, or maybe these are just ideas in the mind of the initiator, seems to be a big issue. As even finding an investor or investors for this project takes time, meaning services of one or more people. And those people need at least to eat and also have their dreams and wants, so in the current setup of the world they might not spend as much time as they would want to, would love to do.

So how to move on, how to get going faster, as we believe inspiring people, inspiring people to be successful is a worthwhile cause.

Well, let’s ponder about that a bit more later.

Business or charity or ???

The biggest question remains how Inspiration for Success should be paid anyhow. Because is it a business? Probably not as intended by the initiator, even though one of his thoughts was to become rich with it. And he still wants to, but the whole process of starting the site and starting the project together with other experiences in his life made him think that the whole financial system and/or the way how we exchange services may need an overhaul. As it seems there is an awful lot of capacity in the world, many people not doing things, not doing the things they like to do and that could be of service to other people or could be things other people want or like them to do. And there are also an awful lot of people wanting things, wanting some dreams come true these other people could make come true. Or worse, needing things like food and housing, just the basic needs. And the weird thing is, I believe we could easily provide everything everybody needs by letting people do the things they like to do. Basically the communist philosophy (no not the totalitarian type of thing some countries made of is), but just let people do what they love to do and at the same time providing themselves or others with what they want or need. But is capitalism not doing the same thing? And are businesses and government organizations and charity organizations not doing the same thing? Exchanging services to cater to human needs and wants and dreams?

So the originator of this site, this project had his goals about money, about being rich. And that meant and means being successful. But what he actually wants is just to have a car, yes a big car to show off, to feel like a king, but mainly a car so he can visit people, move around easily as he lives a bit out of town. And he just has his daily needs like everybody else, like food and shelter and such. And he would love to have some holiday again and for now he chose Bali as his next destination. And yes, he would like to repair, renovate the house, but the last not even for himself, more to have his friends, or actually mostly the friends of his partner, enjoy a very nice place. And he would love to invite them with enough food and drinks so they can just have a nice day, a nice evening, relaxing, talking, doing nothing.

So does he need money? Not really, just some services of other people to make these things possible and just to live. Does he need a lot? Also not really, as after two or three weeks Bali he would just want to go home and work, and yes, preferably work he likes. But that would be no problem as he is quite sure other people need and want the services he is happy to provide. It would even make him happy to provide these services without pay. As long as his needs and wants and dreams are taken care of.

So it’s just a matter of organization of exchanging the services. And if we can find better ways to do that everybody would be more happy and could fulfill their dreams and at the same time have their needs and wants taken care of.

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