Inspiration vs. motivation

The more I work on this site, the more I want to emphasize inspiration and the more I want to get rid of things like motivation, as motivation sounds like ‘have to’, and I have had problems all my life with ‘having to do things’.

And I’m not where I want to be and I don’t feel inspired and as of the moment I’m not motivated. But somehow, somewhere deep inside I think in the end getting things done is about being inspired and not about being motivated.

And yes, I know the site needs better content and not pages like this, but for now I just want this page to get going. That’s just how I work, that’s just who I am. So I guess you, or everybody has to deal with that, as it seems if I follow what others say, what others do, how things ‘should’ be, it just doesn’t work for me.

So for now, again, as in many other pages, some links to related pages:

  • Inspiration vs. Motivation. At first glance basically what I want to say is just there, so no need to copy for now or rewrite. You can just go there.
  • Not sure. No, not really what I’m looking for, but number two in Google, so there must be something there.
  • Something about leadership here, so worth checking out as that’s what I’m looking for, inspiring people, inspiring my team, not motivating them. Too much about ‘work’ at first glance.
  • This may be something.

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