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Site: http://www.eqi.org.

Author: Unknown.

Category: Inspirational.

About: About the "Big Five" of human relationships. They are what I believe we need most in the world today.

About EQI

I ended up on the ‘eqi’ site through a Wikipedia link about Emotional Intelligence. And somehow I thought the information there was interesting, inspirational enough to add the site here, even though it is not what I or I guess also you would consider an inspirational website.

But it hit me that maybe emotional intelligence is about fitting in, about conforming yourself to society, or other people. And I think that is wrong, as each of us is an individual, with individual needs and wants, that, yes, may be contrary to other peoples needs and wants.

And what hit me in ‘eqi’ was especially the mantra “Blood, blood, blood, makes the green grass grow.”, apparently derived from the US military, military standards. Imagine, promoting death in such a detesting way.

And then I read the story of Leelah Alcorn, which kind of hit me as I am gay and also believe that being gay has influenced my life in a negative way.

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