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Author: A bunch of dedicated individuals.

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About: is a site offering quality quotes about life, love, success, motivation, inspiration, etc. which provide you answers to day to day your life situations wherein you have to make decisions which would shape your life towards most fulfilling life and the life of your dreams

I was pointed to the site Mesmerizing Quotes through a post in Facebook with the phrase ‘…true love really exists…’ and that phrase is very special to me as it is in my desire document.

An awful lot of advertising in the site though, which you may know I don’t like. Also not fully if it’s just a purely commercial site or if there is someone behind it. Sent an e-mail on November 2, 2014 to check who is behind as I am not sure if I a fully commercial site so focused on earning through advertising is really inspirational.

And still the same feeling with the advertising and stuff while copying this to the new structure on January 12, 2015. Still a lot of nice quotes I guess

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