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I was looking for a quote about saying no and a ‘quote’ form Susan Gregg I found touched me. So I checked her site and decided to add that site here.

Her e-mails

The site and stuff of Susan doesn’t look that professional, but I signed up for her e-mails and I noticed she writes very kind and nice e-mails. I always read them, so you may want to try.

And it is quite a bit after I added Susan Gregg here, and I still believe she is inspiring with her e-mails. Mostly they uplift me when I read them. You may want to sign up for them.

Today, Saturday January 9, 2015 I got the daily e-mail of Susan Gregg with a link to a video. And mostly I don’t open those type of links, but this sounded interesting, so I did. And I liked what I found: about spirit.

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