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Author: Kim Cooper.

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The Love Safety Net is one of the sites of Kim Cooper who has some quite unique ideas about improving relationships. She inspired me to not leave my partner, but try to improve the relationship, with as a major result my partner came back to me after leaving me in 2012.

Not sure if this site belongs in the list of top inspiring sites, but influential it was on me and I think Kim has many good ideas on how to improve relationships.

A while ago she decided to split her site or sites into a paid subscriber part and a free part. Of course this fits my idea of paying for services directly, but I also noticed how hard it is to pay for something like what also I apparently expect to be free. And no, I never subscribed, but that has more to do with that I hardly have any income than the quality of the content, although my interest also moved from relationship problems to other things, although recently I wrote a lot about codependency.


Yes, it was Kim Cooper who pointed me to my own role in my relationship problems, as I started blaming my partner for being narcissistic, but ended up looking more thoroughly to myself.


Well, most of the work of Kim Cooper is about narcissism. I also found her through Narcissism Cured. And it didn’t really work for me yet as I hoped, but my partner and I are still together and especially recently I start seeing improvements, mainly through Codependents Anonymous.

Please note it was Kim Cooper who pointed me to codependency and without her and her site I would not be where I am now.

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