This Dad Works Out

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Author: Michael Alonzo.

Category: Personal Development.

Year started: 2015.

About: The author created his site to share his story and how running and getting in shape allowed him to make a change in his life for the better. He created his site as a way to express himself and to hopefully inspire or help others who have suffered from something I like to call, life.


I was pointed to this site by a link in an e-mail I just got from Alden Tan. Probably a paid link, but that doesn’t matter, as I liked what I found, as it seems Michael Alonzo followed the advice Alden is writing about in his e-mail, like writing about interesting subjects related to ‘dad’ and ‘work out’, instead of just trying to make money as affiliate or trying to sell links or something.


I did a quick scan of the site and it looks like the articles are good an match the mission and vision, like are about being a dad, family and working out, doing sports.

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