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Well, we agreed as a team that each of the team members should have his or her own page on this site about him or her, including things related to the project IFS like ‘what are you willing to give’ and what do you expecting to ‘receive’.

About me

Well, I am Guus and I started this site on my own ‘on my road to success’. Inspiration came from my more personal, or actually very personal blog in Dutch: Op weg naar success that started on another location but was moved to a subdomain of this site as I wanted it to be more anonymous.

I am still a bit hesitant of really putting ‘me’ here as I want the site to be a team effort and also for personal reasons. I guess in the end that won’t work, but for now I’ll just use my first name.

And if you really want to know who I am it’s pretty easy to find out through the information and links and such on this site, so this site is certainly not made by someone anonymous.

Give and get

You can find some more about my give and receive on IFS give and receive Guus.

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  1. Innocent

    Good evening Sir your site is really inspiring …….Thanks for the piece
    My Name is Innocent from Nigeria A Final year computer Science student at the University
    Am Designing Similar Site As my Project I need a favour from you if you can…….THE DOCUMENTATION GUIDES………….I WILL BE OF GREAT Value to me
    Thanks with regards


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