Meeting notes Master Mind Group May 7, 2013

May  7, 2013

Present: John, Guus

It seems this Master Mind thing really has something (Guus). Today John and I had our first Master Mind Group meeting and it was a virtual meeting through Skype.

In our first Master Mind Group meeting we discussed some things to be done:

  • Guus has the idea about the straight payment option instead of the indirect option. John seems to agree, but a final decision needs to be made.
  • Guus thinks of having a group of five to pull this whole thing off, and not advisers, but team members, with their share.
  • Idea is to have the group members their share, so we need to decide how to do that. As it is advised not to change goals lightly we really need to discuss this further, but also need to make a decision soon.
  • Idea is to have five Master Mind Group members to go for the sample goal. And the idea for the sample goal is to do the whole process live, online, visible for everybody.
  • The goal needs to be finalized.
  • Plan to go viral as that is probably the only way to get to the goal.
  • Create a Facebook fan page.
  • At first John thinks the goal of one million visits in half a year time is too high ‘as it has not been done’. You will find this idea in many places in Think and Grow Rich and it is a good sample of how NOT to do it (sorry John). During the conversation John comes with a very good idea like researching going viral. Actually he already did something like that before.
  • So idea is to PLAN going viral.
  • Research going viral.
  • Idea is to do this project really in the open so people can actually see how the principles of success work in practice, LIVE.

Guess next to the plan we need an action list. And for historic reasons I guess we need to keep the major versions of it.

Created by Guus on May 7, 2103.

Initial version by Guus on May 14, 2013.

3 thoughts on “Meeting notes Master Mind Group May 7, 2013

  1. guus Post author

    Seems we’re developing a whole new way of working together with online meeting notes and comments. Has this ever been done before? Anyhow, I suggest we also add an action list. Guess I’ll start the page for that now.

    1. Perseus

      guus, i already sent a blog post today something about the word perseverance. let know if you like it. id like to hear your thoughts. i cannot go on skype but i am using unlimited mobile data plan to check our site and i commit my weekends to go online (desktop) to manage our site. update me soon. xoxo

  2. Guus Post author

    Very good. I guess the word perseverance relates to the word persistence elsewhere in the site. Guess we have to discuss how to deal with these kind of things. And to build the structure of the pages part of the site I often create pages and link to them. So in this case I would add a page ‘ perseverance’ and link to it (and relate it to the page persistence. Do you know how to do that?


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