Mostly when starting a new page about a subject I just search the internet if I don’t have my own idea yet and mostly I try to make a link to Wikepedia if it makes sense. In this case the Wikipedia link didn’t really give me something, although on second glance the second line does fit. Something like the mindset can also be seen as incident of a person’s Weltanschauung or philosophy of life.

Especially the last half year I am starting to realize that the right mindset is very important to achieve anything, maybe even the most important thing of all. I notice that if my mindset is not ‘right’, I may not move anymore, or may not move in the right direction or I may not feel good.

Not always easy to change my mindset (and yours I guess) though if I don’t like it. I notice that often my (negative) feelings or emotions are so strong that I can’t seem to change my mindset. Even if I know that ‘doing something else’ like walking or other exercise or do something else relaxing or tiring often works, sometimes I can’t seem to even change my activity. Weird, ‘knowing’ is different from ‘doing’. Want to write more about that some other time.

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