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I bumped into the site of John Paul Aguiar through a quote I used as the daily inspirational quote of today. And I am not sure if it’s an inspiring site as I see all ‘money’ there, and I got a bit away from that as I am looking more for inspiring sites than money sites. But yes, that is also how I started here, as I wanted to be successful, including being successful with money. So let’s read a bit more there. As I liked the quote.

And yes, at first sight it is all about blogging, how to be successful with blogging. Which I don’t know if I am, as I don’t have any real subscribers yet, except for the daily quotes. So there must be something for me. Ah, but the start button brought me to something like ‘how to be a successful blogging enterpreneur’. And that is not who I am, that is not who I want to be. So that blog is not really for me, although of course I want to have more readers, more subscribers maybe, if I am going to send mails if there is interesting new information here.

Ah, but he seems to be very real, as he starts with something that if you are looking for easy, fast money with blogging, that that is not the way. And that confides with my experience, as it took me a while to get like more than a thousand sessions a month as I have right now, November 2014. So some reality there. And yes, that you shouldn’t do it just for the money, which I also think is very true. And some commerce there, as he only recommends Bluehost, while there are many, many hosting providers in the world.

Anyhow enough for now, but it seems if you want to be a blogger the site of John Paul Aguiar may be a good inspiring starting point.

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