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Author: Mark Hunter.

Category: Marketing and Sales.

About: Mark Hunter is a keynote speaker and consultant in the areas of sales and his mission is to help people sell better, yes in an honest way where both client and supplier are happy.


For quite a while it is in my mind that I want to improve my sales skills as those skills seem to be my weakness. So when I saw the book “High Profit Selling” from Mark Hunter with a friend of mine I asked if I could borrow it. And even though the book has statements written on it like ‘do not take home’ I was allowed to borrow it. And I started reading it and could barely stop as it is a very well written book (or I just needed this stuff so badly that I couldn’t stop reading for that reason). Anyhow, I finished the book within two days or so and I think I learned a lot from it.

Then I saw on the cover that Mark Hunter also has a website with a blog, so I thought it might be a site well worth adding to the Top Motivational Websites part of Inspiration for Success.

And my first impression is good, even though I did not check the site thoroughly yet, but it seems the site might just belong here as a top motivational website.

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