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Napoleon Hill deserves more

I have made quite some links to this page, but never really reviewed it. And when I looked at it recently I was kind of embarrassed, as Napoleon Hill deserves better, much better, as his ideas and his book Think and Grow Rich have brought me an awful lot of self confidence. And no, no money yet, something I kind of desperately need, but unimaginably I am not so worried anymore about it. And in a way I was already self confident, or maybe courageous, like able to approach anybody. But recently I do it differently and somehow something changes, as I notice people are starting listening to me, where before they didn’t.

So one of the secrets is indeed self confidence, as kind of indicated in the book, but not that direct. So if you want more self confidence, you may want to buy the book and start working from it. As it brought me an awful lot of things, except not yet (financial) riches as of October 2014. But I am much more on the way than I have been ever before, so let’s give Napoleon the benefit of the doubt.

More to follow. Just wanted to let you know I am working on things, things in this site, like this page.

Just intro and filler

We made many links to Wikipedia for Napoleon Hill, but maybe similar to Think and Grow Rich we should also have our own page.

Let’s start with just indeed the link to Wikipedia: Napoleon Hill on Wikipedia.

But next to it there is or are some other important links, e.g. the link to the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

And just found a link to pdf stuff in the public domain: Napoleon Hill public domain works.

And this is how he did it

This is what Napoleon Hill must have believed and what made him I think indeed achieve this:

“Andrew Carnegie, I’m not only going to equal your achievements in life, but I’m going to challenge you at the post and pass you at the grandstand.”Andrew Carnegie

True inspiration we think and that is what we also want to be and do for you!

Life story

We found this page: life story of Napoleon Hill. We still have to check the validity and are trying to create something like that in this site, but of course the article is there for reading.

And was Napoleon Hill a con man? Read more here. And this text is on multiple sites, so also kind of a scam, but it seems to be based on quite some research. I will try to find the origin of it.

Nice comment about that here:

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