Organized planning

Organized planning is a major subject in the book Think and Grow Rich. It is said that large, especially financial, goals need organized planning, sound planning.

And action, most important part as I understand from the ideas of Napoleon Hill is to take action straight away. Some sideline of mine for now is that your plan and goal needs to be sound enough and that’s also someting I found on a page about self esteem.

I think planning is one of my biggest weaknesses, so let’s start dealing with it here. And I just figured out maybe I just started this blog to find supporters, supporters to support me with my goals in life. So please, if you read this, give a comment or something. Just let me know I’m not alone.

And you may want to help me with this planning stuff, as I really don’t know what to do anymore. I made plans, kind of(?!) followed them through and stopped because I didn’t manage to pass some roadblocks, finish some items.

And yes, this will become the organized planning page or start of the organized planning section. I may move the above text somewhere else as it sounds more like a blog post.

So what did I found first searching on ‘organized planning’? Well, this: the text of the chapter on Organized Planning.

2 thoughts on “Organized planning

  1. Brandon Law

    Hello, my name is Brandon Law I just stumbled upon your blog today in search of organized planning. I myself am in the process of reading “Think and Grow Rich” and find myself too trying to utilize the tools to guide me to organized planning. I just want to say congratulations on taking the first step and starting to plan I hope that you and both I can continue with planning and getting our plans into reality and into action.


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