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Well, this website is basically the result of kind of all the knowledge I have, so in my case I do have the specialized knowledge and am kind of trying to ‘sell’ it through this website by giving what I know to others.

Knowledge and experience behind this website:

  1. My own knowledge from and experience with solving my misery in life. I tried to do this through all kinds of things: trainings, visits to psychologists, talking to people, reading books, thinking, etc.
  2. My own knowledge and experience with building websites.
  3. My own knowledge and experience with internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Actually the main reason to write this page now, as one of the first, is that I’d rather use e.g. my internet knowledge for customers. However, somehow until now I wasn’t able to convince customers about what I know and what I can do, so this site basically is also the result of my frustration of not being able to serve customers with it in a way they would be happy with it.

So for example, this site may look very simple, but while doing the writing I have also continuously done all kinds of things so it would show up as I think it should be in the search results of Google. So this may look like a very simple standard WordPress theme, which it is as of the moment of writing, but I tweaked it quite a bit for showing up in Google the way I want it.

So my reasoning is, and it should be for any website, is that the site first needs to present itself properly to Google (as the main search engine). So the main tweaks I made to the Twenty Twelve theme were making the title tag, the meta description tag, the keywords tag and the headings according to how I want them to be, how I think they should be. Design will follow later, but will become important soon.

And that’s my biggest frustration with most of my customers until now. They often look at the design and all kinds of user type things, which of course are important, but underestimate the time that is required to do all kinds of search engine optimizations. And don’t get me wrong, I believe websites are intended for humans, not for search engines, but in general those two are the same, but it is more than a good looking design and a properly working website.

So yes, if you believe in that type of thinking and willing to pay for it, you are very welcome to be my next customer. If you are just looking for a good looking website with a nice design for the lowest price I think you better go somewhere else.

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