Sex transmutation

Well, this is the last page I add related to the Principles of Success and it cannot be coincidence that it is the last. Probably because sex is still something, well, not really taboo, but something you don’t really talk about. At least not in a serious way, as many people of course make jokes about it or talk about things like porn or prostitutes or something.

And yes, for me it is also a very sensitive subject, as somehow it has defined my life and is still defining my life. But isn’t that also logical, as Napoleon Hill mentions sex as one of the major drivers or maybe even the major driver of human behavior? And when talking to friends nobody really confirms that, if I mention that, that for I guess most people, especially me, sex is the major driver of ‘everything’. So again, I am looking for confirmation, but as it seems most people don’t really give feedback or give their real opinion, it is not easy to make some more ‘objective’ statements.

And well, still a bit wondering, searching, what to write on this page. As I consider sex a normal thing in human life, so I am a bit confused why Napoleon Hill wants to transmute it into something else, like if it is not something good in itself. Maybe just ponder that a bit more, before writing on this page, so please be patient and come back later if you want to know more about my opinion on this.

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