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When the team of Inspiration for Success asked me to write an article about Soul Success, I agreed at once. For me, it’s the only type of success that’s important. All other types of success are human successes, that satisfy earthly existence, human lives, wants and desires, ego. Soul Success is far more important than human success, for only the soul has a contract to be fulfilled, a destiny to be achieved as a job of work for our planet.  

In other words, you can gain all the success in life your sweet human heart hopes for, but if you don’t find success for your soul’s purpose on earth, you may have wasted your life.

Perhaps worse, after death, if you still need to achieve Soul Success, you may have to return to Earth and try again. Not such a nice thought for those who’ve had not such nice lives…

So the question is, how to tell the difference between achieving human goals and Soul Success?

A simple question, but too complicated with too many answers for this article. Which is why I wrote a book about it, with website too. The book “Angels on Earth” is on – the website is 🙂

Obviously I’m going to say, if you need Soul Success as opposed to achieving human goals, you need the whole book, not just this article. But here’s some clues.

The book describes the life of someone being driven by Soul Success, from before birth, to after death. It shows that no matter what country you live in, what family you’re from, what religion you have, what beliefs you promote, if you have a need for Soul Success, your life will follow a similar energetic pattern to other Soul Success seekers.

The big clue is this – Soul Success depends on age. You can probably realise that if someone has a big job of work to achieve for their soul on Earth, they are unlikely to achieve it before they are 5. They haven’t had enough life experiences to be able achieve Soul Success in the first 4 or 5 years of life.

Similarly, Soul Success seekers probably can’t achieve Soul Success as a teenager, or even in their 20’s or 30’s.  I often say to someone in their 20’s, “You are a Baby Adult!”. They usually look surprised, until I explain that less than 10 years ago they were considered to be a child, and 10 years isn’t long to learn everything about being an adult.

Someone in their 30’s is a teenage adult, as far as Soul Success is concerned. They’ve been through some of life’s problems, and put their version of understanding onto those problems, to try to make sense of being an adult on this planet. But as a teenager adult, they still haven’t understood what it’s all about yet. So although they may be achieving human goals, they are unlikely to be achieving Soul Success.

When someone reaches their 40’s, if Soul Success is part of their destiny, it becomes a force within that needs love and inspiration to break away from old habits and achieve soul needs. It’s a time of desperation, depression, anxiety, etc for some, as unconsciously they fear they may not achieve their inner needs, the needs of Soul Success. It’s a time of wonder for others as they progress to beauty and happiness as they begin to fulfill the dreams emanating from the love of their soul.

In their 50’s, most people with a deep feeling within that a destiny must be achieved on Earth, have had so many life experiences that, (except those who are mentally or emotionally incapable) they will consciously know what their Soul Success was, or can be.  This is a time for rejoicing. Inspiration has come at last.

This is a wonderful time of bliss and happiness, with similar loving soul friends. Soul Success is part now, not just of the soul, but of humanity too.

Naturally, nothing is for everyone. Some people are not destined to achieve a Soul Success in this life. Others who do have a Soul Success destiny, will achieve it faster or slower than the guidelines I’ve given. And some people may not achieve their destiny at all, at least, not in this life.

The important thing is this – we are tiny specks, unseeable to most of the universe. Your Soul Success is only the beginning of a longer, more beautiful journey. Take the pressure off yourself, and enjoy the ride. 🙂

For in-depth plans and goals to achieve Soul Success:

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