Are you busy?


I don’t want to be asked this way, especially when I am asked if I am busy because I could not give time to pray nor spare some time for church activity or help others. BUSY as other people would define it “Being Under Satan’s Yoke”. Working out hard to make a living is good. But if this hinders us to pray or commune with our God to thank Him and glorify Him, then, busy defined as “Being Under Satan’s Yoke” would then be correct.

I always believe in the phrase, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God. And all of His righteousness. And all of this things will just be added unto you”.

There has been so many time in my life that God was the one who fixed things that are almost impossible for me to fix.

I remember when I have issued checks to pay my amortization for the house I’ve got from a developer. The last time the housing developer has encashed my check was 7 months ago. I was thinking that they were just a little busy about that they were not able to find some time to encash the check I have issued to them. But this is a total advantage on my side. I don’t have money stacked in my bank to pay for the checks I have issued to them. I will be able to pay only for the first three months. I need money to pay the remaining four months. But time passed and still they did not encash my check. Only to realize that the check have wrong dates on it. I have written 2012 instead of 2013. It had come out that all of my checks issued to them are all stale.

I did not know at first that this was the case. All I was able to do was just pray to God to please make way for me to earn money to pay for my checks.

I did not expect from the start that I would have a hard time paying for my bills. I counted my chicks even before they were hatched. And the sad thing is that they did not hatch at all.
I was left with no option but to trust God. I doubled my time to pray and have allocated more of time in catechism. My apostolate is draining my resources. But I believe that God is going to take care of me. I did not stop but became more passionate about my apostolate which is catechism and bringing people to confession.

Indeed, God is all good. He gave me a project that provided me with the resources just enough to pay my obligation. Days after that, the housing developer called my attention to change the date of my checks so that they can encash it. The timing is perfect. Money arrived when I have to finally pay them. If it did not, I can be sued for the crime of issuing bouncing checks.

Two miracles happened. The check has wrong dates on it. And when I was about to correct them, money came. I know that you have also experienced the love of God in your life in one way or another.
God is happy about a cheerful giver. I can’t give more than what I have. But I have time. I have talent. Though I’m short of money/treasure, God knows I am doing my best.
Now I would tell people that I am busy! Busy with the affairs of the Lord.
“When we keep ourselves busy with the affairs of God, He will take care of our own personal affairs”.

God Bless us all!

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