Why confess if you sin will again?

I have organized a Confession and a Mass in one of the village in Cebu.

At first, only a handful came for confession. But after some time more and more people came and had their confession. Some are so excited, saying that they have not confessed for a long time already. Some are tearful when they received the absolution of their sins.

Everybody who came are happy and feel light. The burden of sin that taking them down has been released. Guilt and grief was replaced with joy and forgiveness. Words are not enough to say “Thank You Lord” for the reestablished relationship.

But in the corner sits a man of 40’s. He is short, slender and seem curious of what is happening inside the chapel. I approached him and started a conversation. Though feeling a little awkward, I was able to open a communication channel between us. I asked him, please do make a confession. I have the courage as I am inspired by the Holy Spirit. I know the greatness of the grace that is brought by this sacrament. I am willing to do an extra mile for this kind of activity.

But my invitation to this man was not a success. He blatantly said that he does not have plans of confessing his sins to the priest. He is just there to attend the Mass. I did not gave up on him despite his refusal. I have managed to ask why. He answered, he does not want to confess since he would be sinning again. HE DOES NOT WANT TO CONFESS BECAUSE HE WILL BE COMMITTING A SIN AGAIN ANYWAY!

I was tongue tied and run out of words. I don’t know how to answer him. All I was able to do was to say to myself that, “It’s okay, maybe now is not the time to confess”. I know that God will call him once again when time comes.

During the Mass, the priest in his very short homily asked the congregation. Why do you have to confess if you know that you will sin again? I was shocked by this challenge opened by the priest to all of us who attended the Mass. I listened attentively to the answer in his own question. He said, confession is like taking a bath. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAKE A BATH WHEN YOU KNEW THAT YOU WILL GET DIRTY AT THE END OF THE DAY! He added the more. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO EAT YOUR MEAL IF YOU KNEW THAT YOU WILL STILL GET HUNGRY?
I knew that the guy I talked to a while ago that I failed to convince was listening. Do I need to say more?

When we don’t know the answer, God will answer for us. For He will bless the works of our hands and will never leave us. God bless us all!

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