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Success in businessWell, below old page does not make much sense to me. Another kind of placeholder page where there are many of those still in the site I guess. And adding just some text now in the middle of the night where I just wanted to added some photos, yes, to score higher in Google, won’t make this page into a page about ‘success in business’ of course.

But well, the first that came to mind was something I read, I guess in Think and Grow Rich, about CEOs and other high ranking officers who normally just get there by toiling daily the ‘normal business dance’ for years and years until they finally reach the top. Slowly and surely as they say. And I guess there is some truth in that, even though there may be more to it as I know now, as my intelligence, my relatively high IQ, did not bring me anywhere as it seems I really lack some needed social skills or team player skills to be successful in business, or at least in large scale businesses like being the CEO.

And yeah, time to go to bed now, so another page with not much content, but the above at least added some personal touch to this page I hope.

Old page

There are many websites about success in business but of course a page on business success should not miss on Inspiration for Success.

What triggered me, Guus, to start this page was something I just read and made me think about my own business and what went wrong there as at the moment it’s not in good shape.

I read the following in Getting it Together:

The skills needed to run a business include:
  • marketing;
  • pricing;
  • arranging supplies;
  • doing what you promise;
  • putting up with the whims of customers.


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