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Lost everything

So I lost virtually everything, at least for now. And I heard about that, something like that, read about it, but I would never have expected something like that would happen to me. I also never knew there was so much evil in the world, as even after I lost virtually everything someone scammed me, using my emotional instability to kind of extort money from me.

And yes, I guess I learned something, or maybe many things.

Ah, yes, I lost more. I lost YokYok, one of my dogs, my eldest dog, just like that, shortly after I moved to a new location, shortly after I rescued him. I buried him last Saturday.

It is okay, as now the fights have stopped between YokYok and Arf. There is peace in the house now. But I didn’t want YokYok to leave so soon. I would have loved to have him around for a little while longer.

So yes, why am I writing here? I guess just to share, to at least make sure someone could read this, someone would be listening. And I am a bit hesitant, as there are some people I don’t want to read this, as I don’t want them to know that e.g. YokYok died. But I guess it’s okay and I guess I want to write here more, start writing in “Inspiration for Success”, share my experiences, share my knowledge. So I guess I’ll just start here.

The strange thing after loosing virtually everything was that I didn’t really feel different. I didn’t really feel like a different me. That was and is an interesting experience. And I guess I learned a lot, which is want to share here, as ‘success’ as I had it in mind when starting this site is not here, not with me, in no way, more of the opposite. So many of the things I am reading on the internet and many of the quotes I have been copying and sharing are not true, at least not for me, not here and now, and not for a long time also.

So that is what I want to share. That also apparently what is written on the internet, all the success stories, are not true, or at least not the whole truth, at least not for everybody.