What is motivation

Well, related to motivation I found that many people search for ‘What is inspiration’, so with my SEO background I can’t resist to create a page with that title, even though it would not really be a page I would make naturally. The ‘real’ page on this site would be just ‘motivation‘.

So yes, you were probably looking for ‘What is Motivation’, which doesn’t really make sense to me as I would just search for ‘motivation’.

So you are different from me and while writing this I am trying to imagine what someone searching for ‘What is Motivation’ actually is looking for. And please don’t get me wrong, even though I always write texts on websites with Search Engine Optimization in the back of my mind I don’t mean to do something here like keyword spamming, if you know what that means. Probably not, as this page is supposed to be about motivation.

Yeah, so maybe you could just post a comment, as I don’t understand exactly what you are looking for and if I would understand more I could do some research and create a more proper page for you or for other people.

So please, give me feedback. You can also mail to info@inspiration-for-success.com if you don’t want the feedback to be public.

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