99 Names of Allah


AllahThis site and life are in the end about spirituality, about God, about Higher Power. And one day I encountered something like ‘99 names of God‘, or actually, ‘99 names of Allah‘, and I liked the idea, as God as we understand God has so many different sides and is different for all of us.

So I just want to copy it here, maybe write about it, maybe write about each of them. I’m not sure about the format yet. But knowing me I will just find a way while doing it, while starting. Maybe not the best way, but that is just how I (often) do things.

So let’s just start with the first one. For now I will just make the Name a heading and copy stuff from Wikipedia. And I understand there are different lists of the 99 names, but I’ll just start with the list as stated in Wikipedia.

Greatest Name of God

بهاءThe Greatest Name of God according to Islam is بهاء or Bahá’í in Western characters, which means glory or splendor.

Another Greatest Name I found is الإسم الأعظم, Ismul A’dham in Western characters, meaning something like The One which if He is called (prayed to) by it, He will Answer.


The first name is الرحمن, Ar-Rahman in Western characters and means “The Exceedingly Compassionate, The Exceedingly Beneficent, The Exceedingly Gracious (to all of humanity and all creatures)”.


The second name is الرحيمAr-Rahim in Western characters and means  “Beginning of every Surah (chapter) except one, and numerous other places (there are a total of 114 Surahs in the Quran.)”.


The third name is الملكAl-Malik in Western characters and means “The King, The Sovereign”.


The fourth name is Al-Quddus in Western characters and means “The Holy, The Divine, The Pure, The Purifier”.


The fifth name is السلامAs-Salam in Western characters and means “The Peace, The Source of Peace and Safety”.


The sixth name is المؤمنAl-Muʾmin in Western characters and it means “The Granter of Security”.


The seventh name is المهيمنAl-Muhaymin in Western characters and it means “The Controller”.


The eighth name is العزيزAl-Aziz in Western characters and it means “The Almighty, The Invulnerable, The Honorable”.


The ninth name is الجبارAl-Jabbar in Western characters and it means “The Irresistible, The Compeller”.


The tenth name is المتكبر, Al-Mutakabbir in Western characters and it means “The Majestic, The Supreme”.


The eleventh name is الخالق, Al-Khaliq in Western characters and it means “The Creator”.


The twelfth name is البارئAl-Bariʾ in Western characters. It means “The Evolver, The Maker”.


The thirteenth name is المصور, Al-Musawwir in Western characters. It means “The Fashioner, The Shaper, The Designer”.


The fourteenth name is الغفارAl-Ghaffar in Western characters. It means “The Repeatedly Forgiving”.


The fifteenth name is القهارAl-Qahhar in Western characters. It means “The Subduer”.


The sixteenth name is الوهاب, in Western characters Al-Wahhab, It means “The Bestower”.


The seventeenth name is الرزاق, in Western characters Ar-Razzaq. It means “The Provider, The Sustainer”.


The eighteenth name is الفتاح, in Western characters Al-Fattah. It means “The Opener, The Victory Giver”.


The nineteenth name is العليم, in Western characters Al-ʿAlim. It means “The All-Knowing, Omniscient”.


The twentieth name is القابض, in Western characters Al-Qabid. It means “The Restrainer, The Straightener”.


The twenty first name is الباسط, in Western characters Al-Basit. It means “The Extender / Expander”.


The twenty second name is الخَافِض, in Western characters Al-Khafid. It means “The Abaser, The Humiliator, The Downgrader”.

Strange, this is one of the few “negative” names.


The twenty third name is الرافع, in Western characters Ar-Rafiʿ. It means “The Exalter, The Upgrader”.

Kind of the opposite of the previous. Is that the reason for the previous?


The twenty fourth name is المعز, in Western characters Al-Muʿizz. It means “The Giver of Honor”.


The twenty fifth name is المذل, in Western characters Al-Muzill. It means “The Giver of Dishonor”.

Another “negative”. This time in the opposite order. Strange. I want to know more about that, but now. First finish the page with all 99 Names.


The twenty sixth name is السميعAs-Sami’ in Western characters. It means “The All-Hearing”.


The twenty seventh name is البصيرAl-Basir in Western characters. It means “The All-Seeing”.


The twenty eighth name is الحكمAl-Hakam in Western characters. It means “The Judge, The Arbitrator”.


The twenty ninth name is العدلAl-ʿAdl in Western characters. It means “The Utterly Just”.


The thirtieth name is اللطيفAl-Latif in Western characters. It means “The Gentle, The Subtly Kind”.


The thirty first name is الخبيرAl-Khabir in Western characters. It means “The All-Aware”.


The thirty second name is الحليمAl-Halim in Western characters. It means “The Forbearing, The Indulgent”.


The thirty third name is العظيمAl-ʿAzim in Western characters. It means “The Great, The Magnificent”.


The thirty fourth name is الغفورAl-Ghafur in Western characters. It means “The Much-Forgiving”.


The thirty fifth name is الشكورAsh-Shakur in Western characters. It means “The Grateful”.


The thirty sixth name is العليAl-ʿAlī in Western characters. It means “The Sublime”.


The thirty seventh name is الكبيرAl-Kabir in Western characters. It means “The Great”.


The thirty eighth name is الحفيظAl-Hafiz in Western characters. It means “The Preserver”.


The thirty ninth name is المقيتAl-Muqit in Western characters. It means “The Nourisher”.


The fortieth name is الحسيبAl-Hasib in Western characters. It means “The Bringer of Judgment”.

I mostly consider a word like ‘judgement’ as negative, but more recently I realize that judgement is just something like opinion. So not necessarily right or wrong. So this name is certainly not negative.


The forty first name is الجليلAl-Jalil in Western characters. It means “The Majestic, The Exalted”.


The forty second name is الكريمAl-Karim in Western characters. It means “The Bountiful, The Generous”.


The forty third name is الرقيبAr-Raqib in Western characters. It means “The Watchful”.


The forty fourth name is المجيب, Al-Mujib in Western characters. It means “The Responsive, The Answerer”.


The forty fifth name is الواسعAl-Wasiʿ in Western characters. It means “The Vast, The All-Embracing, The Omnipresent, The Boundless”.

I like this one a lot, something like “really everything and all”.


The forty sixth name is الحكيم, Al-Hakim in Western characters. It means “The All-Wise”.


The forty seventh name is الودودAl-Wadud in Western characters. It means “The Loving”.


The forty eighth name is المجيدAl-Majid in Western characters. It means “The All-Glorious, The Majestic”.


The forty ninth name is الباعثAl-Baʿith in Western characters. It means “The Resurrector”.


The fiftieth name is الشهيدAsh-Shahid in Western characters. It means “The Witness”.


The fifty first name is الحقAl-Haqq in Western characters. It means “The Truth, The Reality”.

Beautiful and interesting how in Arabic “Truth” and “Reality” seem to be the same.


The fifty second name is الوكيلAl-Wakil in Western characters. It means “The Trustee, The Dependable, The Advocate”.


The fifty third name is القويAl-Qawiy in Western characters. It means “The Strong”.


The fifty fourth name is المتينAl-Matin in Western characters. It means “The Firm, The Steadfast”.


The fifty fifth name is الوليAl-Wali in Western characters. It means “The Friend, Patron and Helper”.

This is what I am looking for at the moment, a God that is helping. Maybe think about things like friend and patron. The Arabic really gives some more insight in human thinking.


The fifty sixth name is الحميدAl-Hamid in Western characters. It means “The All Praiseworthy”.


The fifty seventh name is المحصيAl-Muhsi in Western characters. It means “The Accounter, The Numberer of All”.

At first sight I don’t like this name so much, weird, as accounting is pretty neutral. So in my experience accounting is negative? The ‘All’ in “Numberer of All” makes it interesting though, like counting everything in the Universe.


The fifty eighth name is المبدئAl-Mubdiʾ in Western characters. It means “The Originator, The Producer, The Initiator”.

Interesting again from an English language (culture?) point of view. Producing is the same as initiating?


The fifty ninth name is المعيدAl-Muʿid in Western characters. It means “The Restorer, The Reinstater Who Brings Back All”.

Interesting, the ‘All’ again, same as the fifty seventh name (المحصي).


The sixtieth name is القيومAl-Qayyum in Western characters. It means “The Subsisting, The Independent”.


The sixty first name is المميتAl-Mumit in Western characters. It means “The Bringer of Death”.

A strange name that does not seem to fit any other name I encountered until now. But yes, death inevitably belongs to life, to being human, so while thinking of course it belongs in the list of 99 Names of God.


The sixty second name is الحيAl-Hayy in Western characters. It means “The Living”.

And of course now the previous Name makes more sense. Nice contrast again, as I saw some before.


The sixty third name is القيومAl-Qayyum in Western characters. It means “The Subsisting, The Independent”.

I am not familiar with the word ‘subsisting’, but I like “The Independent”.


The sixty fourth name is الواجدAl-Wajid in Western characters. It means “The Perceiver, The Finder, The Unfailing”.

Again, a very interesting language twist, as ‘perceiver’, ‘finder’ and ‘unfailing’ are not really related in English. But apparently they are the same in Arabic. Something to check on further.


The sixty fifth name is الماجدAl-Majid in Western characters. It means “The Illustrious, The Magnificent”.

I like ‘Magnificent’. And of course again a bit confused or amused with ‘illustrious’ as that is not the same in English.


The sixty sixth name is الواحدAl-Wahid in Western characters. It means “The Unique, The Single”.

Interesting again, the relation between ‘single’ and ‘unique’. Never really thought about it, but it is a big issue, a big mystery to me, ‘single’ versus ‘multiple’ (like humans and human connections).


The sixty seventh name is الاحدAl-Ahad, in Western characters. It means “The One, The Indivisible”.

Interesting again, especially related to the sixty sixth name. And the ‘human division’ where humans are divided and somehow know that everything is ‘one’.


The sixty eighth name is الصمدAs-Samad in Western characters. It means “The Eternal, The Absolute, The Self-Sufficient”.

I love this name. And the ‘Self Sufficient’ related to ‘eternal’ and ‘absolute’ completely doesn’t make sense to me. Interesting again.


The sixty ninth name is القادرAl-Qadir in Western characters. It means “The All-Powerful, He Who is able to do Everything”.

Yes, that is my God :).


The seventieth name is المقتدرAl-Muqtadir in Western characters. It means “The Determiner, The Dominant”.


The seventy first name is المقدمAl-Muqaddim in Western characters. It means “The Expediter, He Who Brings Forward”.


The seventy second name is المؤخرAl-Muʾakhkhir in Western characters. It means “The Delayer, He Who Puts Far Away”.

This is a weird name to me. Has nothing ‘God like’. Something to check further I guess.


The seventy third name is الأولAl-Awwal in Western characters. It means “The First, The Beginning-less”.

I like this one, especially “The First” as of course God is The First. The ‘-less’ is interesting again, as I would just say “The Beginning”. Very subtle, I like ‘beginning-less’.


The seventy fourth name is الأخرAl-Aakhir in Western characters. It means “The Last, The Endless”.

Again the ‘less’. Beautiful.


The seventy fifth name is الظاهرAz-Zahir in Western characters. It means “The Manifest, The Evident, The Outer”.

Again, strange twists related to the Arabic from an English, or in my case Dutch, point of view. Something to thing about, although I like “The Outer”.


The seventy sixth name is الباطنAl-Batin in English characters. It means “The Hidden, The Unmanifest, The Inner”.


The seventy seventh name is الواليAl-Wali in Western characters. It means “The Patron, The Protecting Friend, The Friendly Lord”.

This sounds very friendly. I like it.


The seventy eighth name is المتعاليAl-Mutaʿali in Western characters. It means “The Supremely Exalted, The Most High”.

I like words like “supreme” and “most high” for a God.


The seventy ninth name is البرAl-Barr in Western characters. It means “The Good, The Beneficent”.


The eightieth name is التوابAt-Tawwab in Western characters. It means “The Ever-Returning, Ever-Relenting”.


The eighty first name is المنتقمAl-Muntaqim in Western characters. It means “The AVenger”.


The eighty second name is العفو, Al-ʿAfu in Western characters. It means “The Pardoner, The Effacer, The Forgiver”.


The eighty third name is الرؤوفAr-Raʾuf in Western characters. It means “The Kind, The Pitying”.

Strange, kindness and pity linked together.

مالك الملك

The eighty fourth name is مالك الملكMalik-ul-Mulk in Western characters. It means “Owner of all Sovereignty”.

ذو الجلال والإكرام

The eighty fifth name is ذو الجلال والإكرامZul-Jalali wal-Ikram in Western characters. It means “Lord of Majesty and Generosity”.


The eighty sixth name is المقسطAl-Muqsit in Western characters. It means “The Equitable, The Requiter”.


The eighty seventh name is الجامعAl-Jamiʿ in Western characters. It means “The Gatherer, The Unifier”.

Still the biggest mystery in the Universe I guess. Why we are separated. As in the end we are all One. So this Name makes perfect sense. Now I/we just have to figure out how to do it, how to cooperate with that.


The eighty eighth name is الغنيAl-Ghani in Western characters. It means “The Rich, The Independent”.


The eighty ninth name is المغنيAl-Mughni in Western characters. It means “The Enricher, The Emancipator”.

Interesting again, the Arabic touch. And most likely not an accident it follows the seventy eighth name.


The ninetieth name is sالمانعAl-Maniʿ in Western characters. It means “The Withholder, The Shielder, The Defender”.


The ninety first name is الضار, Ad-Darr in Western characters. It means “The Distressor, The Harmer, The Afflictor”.

Strange, a very negative sounding name again. But I started reading the Qur’an yesterday and I am getting some clue how it may be used or meant.


The ninety second name is النافعAn-Nafiʿ in Western characters. It means “The Propitious, The Benefactor, The Source of Good”.


The ninety third name is النورAn-Nur in Western characters. It means “The Light”.


The ninety fourth name is الهاديAl-Hadi in Western characters. It means “The Guide, The Way”.

I could use some of this.


The ninety fifth name is البديعAl-Badiʿ in Western characters. It means “The Incomparable, The Unattainable, The Beautiful”.

I love this one, and again, strange how culture, language seems to have different meanings, combinations of things we, in this case English speakers, have no knowledge about.


The ninety sixth name is الباقيAl-Baqi in Western characters. It means “The Immutable, The Infinite, The Everlasting”.


The ninety seventh name is الوارثAl-Warith in Western characters. It means “The Heir, The Inheritor of All”.

I like this name a lot, as it relates to something I believe, something that in the end everything, all our experiences, all that happened, will be known to “The One”.


The ninety eighth name is الرشيدAr-Rashid in Western characters. It means “The Guide to the Right Path”.


The ninety ninth name is As-Sabur in Western characters. It means “The Timeless, The Patient”.

I guess no coincidence the ninety ninth Name is about time and patience, as it took quite a bit of time and patience to copy all the ninety nine Names of God from Wikipedia here, five at the time.

And of course kind of an anti-climax while finishing this, or actually being finished with my assignment of putting all ninety nine Names of God here. But of course it doesn’t stop here, as I wanted to do some more, a lot more with this. Like checking better what the origin is of each name e.g. Or putting better links than the links to GraphicJunction.

But that will be another time.

And I have to check with the hundredth name again, as that may be the one mentioned in the beginning or it may be something else. Also another time. Finished for now.