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I have been working on the pages top inspirational sites and top motivational sites recently and am in the process to keep those pages clean. So this is a page about the history of those sites.

Inspiration for Success wants to be different

While starting with the site, the project Inspiration for Success, I signed up to quite some self help type sites as that was the direction my research brought me. And over time I discovered many things about ‘self help’ and self help sites and self help books. And I wanted Inspiration for Success to be different, but still the best inspirational site on the internet. And it shouldn’t be a copy or copied content, as over time I also found out that there is an awful lot of good content on the internet already. So what to do?

Well, one thing that came up was to link to other sites, to be some kind of inspirational portal site. And that idea still exists, but then again, we still want to provide information, inspiration, inspirational information and not just a site linking to other sites, even if the content is good or even ‘the best on the internet’.

So what to do. Well, for now the best idea that came up was to make some kind of overview of inspirational sites and other motivational or self help type sites. But not just an overview, but also review the sites in what they have to offer, if they really add value to ones life or have just become commercialized blogs as many seem to be.

So this is it, this is the page that will be the starting point of the links to other inspirational site with added value. And please put comments, like what sites you think should be on this page or just give feedback through e-mail.

Not so inspirational or motivational sites

Today I decided to click on a link from an e-mail I got from Melanie Calkins. And I ended up with this long page about something missing in the Law of Attraction. And slowly I got the feeling this page was one of the many pages I found on my way to success that tell a very nice story, but don’t give the clue. Except there is a clue, namely that you have to buy something at the end of the page. And that seems to be the way how to make some quick money. That seems to be how ‘sales’ works on the internet: get someones e-mail address and figure out what he or she is looking for and send inviting e-mails to pages that are selling something.

Well, that’s how sales seems to work and I guess that’s the reason I don’t earn with this site. And nothing really wrong with that as it seems that’s what people want. But I still have difficulty with those things, like kind of forcing you to give your e-mail address before you can enter my site. As I believe you should only sign up when you feel like it. And not because there is some kind of pop-up screen asking for your e-mail address. But yes, it works.

Natural Hypnosis

The site Natural Hypnosis does not really belong on this page, but somehow we encountered this site and it has nice (free) mp3 audio’s for relaxation. And we certainly believe in that type of thing, so for now we’ll just provide a link and some information here.

Old bullshit

I found this page is the most visited page of this site right now (October 2014), so time to do some updates and put some more attention to it, as it seems there is need for a page like this with an overview of inspirational and motivational sites. If you don’t want to read the background of this page you can just skip to the overview straight away by clicking here. And when searching for ‘top inspirational sites in Google’ the number one pages is ‘Top 10 Inspirational Websites‘ from Project Eve. So let’s start there for now as I had planned to check two more inspirational sites today.

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