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Well, here we are. The first paragraph (Overview inspirational sites) from the database! So I am making progress! And getting closer and closer moving everything I have to individual pages. Speaking about success, that can take a little time, but if you keep on moving, no matter how slow, you’ll get there! This page is a good sample and no, it didn’t create itself and also took quite some programming. But I know it will be worth it, same as with my mailer plugin.

And still cleaning up, which is why I just created a page about the background of this page and the page top motivational sites.

And kind of frustrated, as it goes too slow according to my feeling, but I guess the only way is to move one site at a time… And enough for today, tomorrow is another day. And so many ideas…

Overview inspirational sites


Mesmerizing Quotes: Site with many quotes, but seems quite commercial Not sure if it belongs in a 'top' list, but quotes are always nice and inspirational.

Braintrainingtools: Braintrainingtools is an inspirational site with, at first sight, mostly quotes. The author seems to be pretty serious about it, so you may want to check it out.

Sobernation: A site about AA, getting sober, the Twelve Steps and more.

Wonderful Places: Wonderful Places is a page on Facebook sharing beautiful photos of beautiful places.

EQI: A very inspirational site as it is about our basic needs, the basic needs of every human, the basic needs of you and I.

Calm: Interesting concept, very simple at first sight and it made me relax already with a very short two minute meditation.

Just Do 1 Thing: Just Do 1 Thing is a very simple site, a very simple concept to encourage, inspire people to do one good thing, right now or later.

The Law Of Attraction: The law of attraction has been something I have studied and believed for quite a long time. So of course I was attracted to the site with the same name.

Marketing and Sales

Marie Forleo: The site of Marie Forleo is about marketing and sales and she makes nice videos about that. Read more about her site here.

Danielle LaPorte: Not yet fully sure what the site is about, as my first impression was that it's all about money...

Self Help

Mark Manson: Unconventional self help for people who don't like self help sites but still need is is how Mark Manson describes his site.

Just a skinny boy: I asked myself how I could end up in a site of a twenty-some year old boy. But there was something in the alert that touched me.

A Bug Free Mind: A Bug Free Mind is the site of Andy Shaw who at first sight really has something to say about achieving success.

Susan Gregg: Susan Gregg is a life coach and her site begins with that you're okay, that there is nothing wrong with you. And that inspired me to add the site here.

Amy Leigh Mercree: The site of Amy Leigh Mercree looks like a light, joyful site focused on women (girls?), but it seems also men (boys?) are welcome.

The Love Safety Net: I think Kim Cooper saved my relationship and put me on the path to recovery from codependence, so certainly inspiring to me.

Religion and Philosophy

Shepherd's Grove: Shepherds Grove is the venue or church of Bobby Schuller, a well known name in TV religious land through the Hour of Power.

Eckhart Tolle: I am very much impressed with the ideas of Eckhart Tolle. I know him best through YouTube videos, but I think he, his site, deserves a place here.

Joel Osteen: I guess most people know Joel Osteen as a (the?) christian Self Help guru. I have a bit mixed feelings with him, but he is good.

Personal Development

James Altucher: No description found.

Alden Tan: Alden Tan is an unconventional blogger and I guess you either like his blog and style very much or you don't. Read more about him and his blog here.

Marc and Angel Hack Life: A site with a lot of good advice on improving your life. One of the earliest I found, but also very good. Read more here.

Evaluation Chris Guillebeau: Please find here information about and evaluation of the site of Chris Guillebeau, a site about life, work and travel.

This Dad Works Out: Evaluation of "This Dad Works Out". A site about being a dad and about working out.

The Abundance Index: On this page you find an evaluation of the inspirational site "The Abundance Index".

Life Optimizer: Life Optimizer is about maximizing your personal effectiveness. Not sure what that means yet, but my first impression made me keep in in the list.

Georg Grey: Not sure how I came to the site of Georg Grey, but I liked it straight away, even though it's on

Zen Habits: Zen Habits is one of the most famous blogs, inspirational sites I know. Leo Babauta writes about developing better habits.

The Positivity Blog: The Positivity Blog is the site of Henrik Edberg. An inspirational site we think, so that's why you find an evaluation here.


Live Your Legend: Live Your Legend is the site, or actually the project, of Scott Dinsmore. The theme is about doing work you love.

Gary Bizzo: Gary Bizzo calls himself a Management Consultant, Business Mentor, Coach and CEO for Hire.

Michael Pollock: MIchael Pollock is a blogger, web developer and businessman. Not fully sure what his site/blog is about but will find out more later.

Smart Passive Income: Smart Passive Income is the site of Pat Flynn and was recommended to me by a friend of mine who is into online marketing and business.

Dan Waldschmitt: Dan Waldschmitt appears to be a successful entrepeneur having created an inspirational and motivational website. Read more here.

Products and Gadgets

Cool Material: I never thought a site like Cool Material could be inspirational, but while thinking I think it really is, just not so for me.


Nicole Andersson: No description found.

mindbodygreen: I ended up in mindbodygreen searching for inspirational quotes about depression. And yes, the stuff I found inspired me.

TED (talks): TED (talks) is a well known site where people share inspirational and motivational stories on video.

Elephant Journal: I accidentally stumbled on the site Elephant Journal site. Not sure what to think about it. Read more on the specific page.

Inspirational, motivational and self help sites

So here are some sites we found in (not yet) alphabetical order. Just click the link to go to our information about the site and review.

The Daily Love

I just saw a Tweet from The Daily Love (TDL) pointing to the page Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships. And as I just had kind of a fall-out with my partner I decided to open it. And ended up in the blog of Mastin Kipp. And what he writes on that page kind of made sense to me, as I was blaming my partner for what had happened and indeed not telling him my feelings, how I felt. But that’s more something for a blog post.

So just a quick check on the TDL site made me think about this page and that it may belong in the category top inspirational sites. To be checked out further, so I’ll do that and will focus more on this page as I neglected it for a while I realized.

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  1. Deepak Rajpal

    Nice list. I believe motivation is the key to success. The big difference between the people who have dreams and one who are actually working on them is, Motivation.

    I am big fan of motivational blogs as they inspire me for mine as well . Ziglar is one of my favorites here.

    Thanks Alden Tan 🙂

  2. InfoCreeds

    Great blog with an awesome listing of motivational quotes. All these inspires more. These quotes inspire to those persons who are losers by life. And it seems the key for them to getting up and achieve the success.

    Thank you and keep posting.


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