Challenges box

Well, today I started my challenges box as I realized that I seem to lose focus with my goals by being focused on problems, on challenges. And yes, as per idea of Napoleon Hill, writing things down helps. So I started with just a pile of A4 blank papers and wrote just the name, the title of each challenge on the top. And then I added some positive stuff on some of the challenges, somewhere in the middle of the page, like what actions I had taken. As often I, and I guess also you, do something about challenges, deal with them take action. And even if the action didn’t solve the problem or issue yet, you did it, like I realized I did with some of my challenges.

And then I looked for a box and found a shoe box. And I put my challenges in the shoe box.

Challenge box

And then I put the shoe box in between the papers related to some of my goals that are hanging outside of my/our bedroom. And then I sat on the bed and looked at the whole thing. And it made many things clear to me as you can read in my post how I dealt with my challenges today.

And I am not fully clear yet what to do next as I think this exercise, this tool could be extended a bit like in the original idea of creation box from Abraham Hicks.

But for now I want to share this with you already, as I guess just starting with writing things down about your problems, your challenges, put them in a box and look at them might already help you deal with things better, like it did for me today.

And yes, looking at this setup I had created I also saw the background and all the things that are already there, all the things I have, that are available to me, like the beautiful view. And suddenly my dreams looked so small compared with everything that’s already there. And so did my challenges.

Page created by Guus on February 18, 2014.

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