Coaching for success

One of the reasons for this site is to be a coaching site for people on the way to success. Not sure what form that would take yet, but for now I’ll just create this page as a starting point for the coaching towards success part of this site.

Find my initial thoughts about this subject here.

And was just searching in Google on ‘coach for success’  and found the site of Pam Solberg-Sapper on top. I’ll check her out further later, but I do like the statement at the bottom of her homepage:

Take the Ordinary to Extraordinary
Each person’s goals are different – but one thing is always the same – set your strategy and take focused actions to obtain extraordinary measurable results.

And please note in a way she already proves she is successful as she is at the first position in Google with ‘coach for success’.

Another site high in my Google on ‘coach for success’ is the site of Claire Burgess. Amazing story reading she had a severe stroke but now runs a thriving coaching practice. I like the statement on her homepage:

What have you been told, you can’t do? Was it you who told yourself?

One of the things that is still in my mind, although I consider myself as not inspiring. Something to think about as that’s just thinking that blocks me.

So maybe ask yourself what blocking thoughts do you have?

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