I felt a bit alone and lost and started to think about coaching. As you may or may not know part of the background of this site is that I want it to serve as a coaching site for people who are looking for success in life.

Thinking a bit further I realized I don’t have a coach and don’t have a manager while as far as I know most successful, or at least famous, people have managers and coaches. Think of coaches and trainers for individuals and teams in sports. Think of managers of singers and bands. Think of singing instructors or teachers for famous singers. Think of agents or agencies representing actors. Think of managers of actors.

In a way I consider myself as a professional and I now know I’ve been working alone too long without a coach or manager or whatever. Or a partner who is supportive, but mine is not really. So maybe look for a coach first before anything else as while doing something alone sometimes you may just not move anymore, not know what to do.

Can you be my coach or manager or agent?

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