Complainer, complainer

Mmm, the word ‘complaint’ and complainer comes to me often the last few days. And somehow it seems to start to get meaning, why my complaints are getting so much attention recently.

Hah, and now I don’t feel like writing. Yes, a complaint it seems LOL. So why I am complaining or complaining so much? Or why are people complaining in general? And what does it solve? Or doesn’t it solve anything? And yes, why am I complaining so much and why are other people turned off by it? And is it really too much?

And indeed, could I use my complaining as a skill, to my benefit, start a business from it as a friend suggested to me? Well, I will never know unless I try, do something. So I just did, share a link to this page in Facebook with the question if people have things they have problems they want solved, but don’t know how to complain about.

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