IFS & David

Inspiration For Success excites me, to put it bluntly.

Few things are more important than Mental Attitude, in my opinion, and what else claims to be more directly focused on attitude than this project? What a dream, to be able undertake an initiative with such potential, and such a universal audience. What a goal to imagine: creating something with the destiny to inspire and empower. It would be a joy to see a meaningful initiative like this flourish.

As I write, I find myself rather new to the whole project. It’s unfamiliar territory. A week ago, I could not pretend to know Inspiration For Success existed. Now— I’m a contributor? I’m not quite sure what the project will come to mean to me, exactly, and how I will look back on it in retrospect. But today, I look to the future, and set goals for what I want to give and receive.

I wish to give:

  • My energy and positive attitude, as much as possible without burning out.
  • A willingness to grow and be lead.
  • My time to contribute programming for the project on a bi-weekly basis.
  • My time to contribute writing for the project on a bi-weekly basis.

From Inspiration For Success, I would like to earn:

  • my own personal journey — the ups as much as the downs — of the experience towards success
  • the satisfaction of inspiring those in need of inspiration. It would be even better to not only help lift up our contemporaries in this decade, but to also build something with the potential to inspire anyone in future decades as well
  • a mentor, or multiple guides that can help me to grow
  • my own place, on a team that is dedicated across the world around a single goal
  • to hone my programming abilities with interesting engineering projects
  • an outlet to write regularly, to better hone my communication skills
  • Lastly (but not leastly), if we can build IFS into something of enough value to be profitable, I would be very happy. Earning financial rewards from the project would be not only gratifying but also allow me to chase greater ambitions of this nature in the future.

With the recognition that these ideals may change, I hope to return to this list soon and often. I hope to continuously reflect upon these goals, and add updates to them if need be to serve as a living document.


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