Important principle of success

The more I am reading Think and Grow Rich and the more I am trying to understand the principles in that book (and again, don’t get me wrong, it’s not about this book, just choose book or site that suits you, I used many books and sites to get where I want to be on knowledge about this).

I am also understanding more and more how sound the principles described in the book are.

Today I encountered more understanding about the principle of decision once again making my decision on my sample goal for showing the value of the principles of success.

Recently I learned quite a bit about decision making and it may be one of my big challenges. Keep in mind that your challenges in achieving success may be different.

Go slow if needed

I tended and still tend to make big decisions too quickly, without thinking them through enough. And with ‘enough’ I mean something like without considering the risks too much. So looking back I often underestimated risks, meaning I encountered a lot of defeat as many things go down on risks that have not been taken care of. This is what Napoleon Hill i think calls under caution. My feeling is that most people are over cautious, which may block them on the way to success, but in my personal experience under caution is as bad as over caution.

So carefully think whether you tend to be over cautious or under cautious.

More to follow.

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